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Pistol And Rifle Traiining

Practical Firearms Training for Real-Life Situations

Handgun Pistol

Whether you are a beginner or expert, any gun owner is able to learn something from our different levels of gun classes. Learn how to aptly defend yourself with various pistol shooting techniques. Gain the skills you need to win the fight against any potential aggressor.

Pistol Training
Modern Rifle

Acquire all the knowledge necessary about rifles, which are ideal as close encounter weapons. You'll then practice the proper rifle shooting techniques. Once you have the fundamentals of rifle training down, increase your skill level and try our physically demanding gun fighting class.

Rifle Training
Man with a Gun

Put yourself in a real-life self-defense situation with our gun fighting shotgun classes. We'll ensure you get the real world experience necessary for you to be able to win a fight if ever put into that situation. You'll know exactly what to do after completing our course.

specialty TRAINING

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About Us

In todays training marketplace, I have seen and experienced a lack of "Quality Training/Trainers" who do not focus on integrating  defensive situations one may encounter in real-life.  I am passionate about empowering an individual not to be the victim but to be the victor.  Whether you are on your own for the first time, have never touched a firearm, an accomplished shooter or you are law enforcement/military, you will receive expert firearms training from Covenant Tactical in Orange, Texas.  Our methods are driven by three elements: reality-based, student-focused, and combat-proven.  My focus is to make you a better gunfighter for the "Real World" and not a classroom.   From pistol to rifle shooting and specialty fighting classes, our experienced professionals provide you with the necessary skills required to make you "the threat" to anyone who might intend to do you harm.  Everything we teach has been "Combat Proven" in the streets around the world.  What is taught is not from a book but from "hard knocks" and paid for in blood.  The personnel I have trained volunteer with this verse in mind:

Isaiah 6:8  -  "And I heard the voice of the LORD saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"  Then I said, HERE I AM, SEND ME!"

Our company founder and instructor is a 15-year veteran of special operations with eight combat deployments. He has taken his "street smarts" and experience in combat and uses this in his classes to teach you about real-life situations. He draws on his past to teach you the skills of survival in a life-or-death situation and equips you with the necessary tools to come out the victor.

At Covenant Tactical, we focus on what happens in an armed confrontation, not what happens in a controlled environment. We’re always searching for better and more efficient methods to enhance training, so participants learn how to avoid confrontation and are prepared to succeed if confrontation is unavoidable. The trainings provided reflect the reality of being forced to use your own gun to save your life or the lives of your loved ones and gives you the skills to succeed. 

Covenant Tactical provides reality-based firearm trainings to law enforcement, civilian security contractors, military contractors, church Safety Teams, and civilians.  Covenant Tactical Firearms trainings range from beginner level through advanced and expert level trainings.

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