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Specialty Self-Defense/Gun Fighting Classes

Covenant Tactical in Orange, Texas, provides shotgun classes with real-life gun fighting that puts you in the actual situation. These classes aren't for the faint of heart. To continue building your skills, try our pistol shooting or rifle shooting classes.  Combat Shotgun and Specialty Classes are taught at the Orange Gun Club/729 Liston Rd Orange TX 77630 and the start time is 9 A.M. 

LTC Classroom portion is taught at First Baptist Church Orange 7637 MLK Drive Orange, TX 77632 in the Annex Building.  The shooting portion will be conducted at the Orange Gun Club.  Classes start at 8 A.M.

Combat  Shotgun - 1 day course- $200

The shotgun is one of the best CQB weapons. You will learn a reality-based, aggressive, close-quarters combative method for the shotgun. We teach you what the shotgun is really for and the weapon's limitations, unlike other schools that waste too much time discussing modifications and additions or try to turn it into some sort of a rifle. After an overview of the fundamentals and a skills check, we quickly progress to advanced reality-based drills. All of it is done on the move. Whether you are a private citizen, a police officer, or a soldier, if you rely on a shotgun for self-protection, this course is essential.

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Shotgun Training

Force-On-Force - 2 day course- $500

Our Force-On-Force class is an eye-opening experience. You will learn how to point shoot naturally and quickly as you move with proven modern methods, to move fast or get shot, and to upset the shooter's thought process. Simple is faster, fluidity and training are key, and stagnation and ignorance are death. Learn instinctive, reactive shooting and moving. You will see immediately what works and what doesn't. This class will teach you more about yourself, your thought process, and your ability to problem-solve quickly. In the blink of an eye, you will see our Force-On-Force theme—tentatio per incendia—an old phrase meaning "Trial by Fire." In other words, it is all theory until you test it in the crucible of combat, and Force-On-Force is the closest we can get to it without bloodshed. UTM equpiment available. Covenant Tactical will provide UTM rounds. UTM firearm modification for rental available upon request.

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Force on Force Protection

Multi-Platform Level III - 2 day course- $350

Multi-Platform Level III combines the best of Combat Rifle Level II and Combat Pistol Level III.  The morning of the first day is spent refreshing fundamentals.  The remainder of the course is spent advancing existing skills through constant trigger time.  Participants learn to point-shoot from belly-to-belly distance.  MPL III also covers the various threat-focused point shooting, sight-focused shooting and seamless integration of both firearms platforms in a close-range gun fighting program.  Participants shoot from field expedited positions, weak-handed, one-handed, behind cover and develop advanced skills to negotiate scenarios such as confined area shooting, navigating crowded environments, and other armed confrontation dynamics.  Participants must posses a high level of skill and an equal understanding of range safety.  

Course requirements:  Combat Level II or greater for rifle and handgun.  Minimum of 1,000 rounds each for rifle and handgun, eye/ear protection, water, bug repellant, hat and other gear participant feels necessary for the course.


Multi-Platform Level III

Texas License-to-Carry Class - $70/person

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License to Carry

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